A gift for sure with your purchase!

Are you thinking about placing an order? We want to thank you for your purchase! That is why all your purchases made online for 15€ or more, come with a gift! Would you like to know more?  Carry on reading!


Purchases for more than 15€: Surprise gift!

All the purchases made for 15€ or more will come with a surprise gift. You will be desperate to get it!


-This promotion is valid for online purchases of products worth 15€ or more.

-Under no circumstances whatsoever can the gift be chosen or exchanged and it will always be a surprise (its identity is a secret). Keep the surprise for when you receive your order! 

-This gift is not any of the products sold on our website. It is an exclusive Anekke product for our customers. But one thing for sure, you will be delighted with it!

-The gift will not be mentioned on the receipt: it will be included with lots of tender loving in your order when it is being prepared in the warehouse.

-If your return the products in your order, the gift also has to be returned. If it isn’t, no refund will be given.


Drawstring backpack gift for purchases over 45€!

And when you buy products worth more than 45€, you will be given an Anekke drawstring backpack free! It has a different printed design on each side; it is a perfect gift for Anekke fans. Make sure you get yours!



-Only one gift per order will be included: a surprise gift will be included in purchases of over 15€. If your purchase is for more than 45€, you will get a drawstring backpack as a gift.

-This sales promotion is valid for online purchases of products that you add to your shopping cart, when the total comes to 45€ or more. Make the most of this offer to get your favourites!

-Under no circumstances whatsoever can the gift be exchanged for another product.

-This drawstring backpack is not on sale: it is an exclusive product that you can only get through our website when you make an order for more than 45€.

-The gift will not be mentioned on the receipt: our colleagues in the warehouse will include it in your order when they prepare it.

-If you want to return your order, you must return the drawstring backpack as well. If you don’t, you will not get a refund.

Don’t wait any longer, place your order now!


*Anekke reserves the right to modify, cancel or withdraw this promotion at any time.